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  • The registration fees paid by you is the consulting fees of the company and any sort of refund can not be claimed for that niether from the company nor from your uplines.
  • The company will not be responsible for your earnings.
  • The withdrawl placed by you can be fulfilled within any time between 0-48 working hours.
  • The payment or the amount in your wallet would be put on hold if the company finds you laying aside the norms of the company or doing any non acceptable jobs that tends to break the norms of the company.
  • The company may hold your payments in case of any national emergency, governmenet orders, etc.
  • The company is involved in trades based on cryptocurrency, stock trading and Forex trading. Thus your issues based on any of these activities will not be given any consideration.
  • The company will not be guilty if any of your referred member does not mentions your referral at us.
  • The complete system of the company is decentralized and thus any sort of frauds with the company is not possible in any condition. Thus if you claim any such activity we will not be giving any consideration to it.
  • Any sort of payment issues will not be the part of our website management team and thus your queries regarding the same will not be entertained.
  • The company will share the profits with you and your upline in a definite ratio and it may vary time to time.
  • Issues regarding the profits will not be given heed to by the company.
  • If you are found guilty for laying aside the rules and policies of the company, a strict action will be taken against you that may even result in holding your payments or even blocking your account permanently.
  • Only one ID per person is allowed in the company.
  • It is mandatory for all members to complete 4 direct joinings under them within 1 month of their joining.
  • It is mandatory for all members to have atleast 16 members in their 2nd level within 2 month of their joining.
  • It is mandatory for all members to have atleast 64 members in their 3rd level within 4 month of their joining.

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